OOTD #19


Remember when I said I wanted a yellow sweater in my popular colors and prints post? Well guess what, I got one.

This neon yellow sweater (with velvet material) was on Forever 21’s website for just $15, and I instantly knew I needed it in my wardrobe. Online it looked bright, soft and cozy and that’s exactly what I was looking for and got it! It’s everything I thought it would be and more and I’m so happy it’s mine now.

The pants are from Forever 21 and the backpack is from Amazon



If this was me a few years ago though, I would have passed it up, since yellow has never been a good friend of mine until now. I now want to wear this color everyday because I think it looks so good on my skin tone. So that’s why I decided to wear it today paired with my gingham ankle pants, my classic black backpack and my leopard sneaker flats to go with the sweater.

And again, it was pretty warm out (like I always mention) so for the photoshoot I tried to avoid any type of jacket, scarf or layering and wanted it to be simple. And even though I didn’t layer a bunch it still ended up looking Fall-y with the red background, which was a good thing, since I’m trying to keep a Fall aesthetic here on Aricouture.😏🍁

And the shoes are from Amazon


So let me know what you think of my outfit choice, and this bright neon yellow sweater. Would you wear something like this or no? Better yet…would you even wear the yellow trend in general or would you skip out on it?

Let me know in the comments down below, because I love hearing your feedback.



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