How To Find The Right Clothes Online

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I wouldn’t call myself a pro when it comes to online shopping, but I have had a lot of experience buying clothes on the interwebs!

I have had bad experiences, ok experiences and amazing experiences with online shopping, and have definitely went through a bunch of situations that made me not want to shop online.

So because I have had so many experiences with good and bad purchases, I thought to make a post on some tips and tricks that you guys can do to have a better shopping experience!

Measure yourself

The number one tip to finding clothes that actually fit you online, is measuring yourself. Sometimes you might know your size, and think you can wing it, but different stores go by different measurements when it comes to sizing, and will run small, true to size or even big. So it’s a good idea to learn the precise dimensions of your body and then to look at the chart as a guide. This way you don’t get disappointed when your item arrives!

Avoid items that look fishy

I know this one seems like a no brainer, but sometimes we get desperate and really want to buy something we know looks a little cheap or strange looking on the model, and then later regret it. Don’t settle with something just because it was on sale or the store had a special promo code that made you want to buy something, but instead, save your  money and buy something that you know will actually look good on you.

Look at reviews

It’s good to check reviews when looking for clothing online too. The size chart is your best friend, but reviews are also your best friend since you might come across reviews that tell how the garment fits and if they’re satisfied with the item overall. Everyone is also shaped differently and has different standards with clothing as well, so experiences will vary on the reviews (which is something you need to be careful with). But if you see something noted in majority of the reviews, it’s a safe bet that it’s probably true!

Get doubles

I’m normally not the one that promotes doubles, however, if you’re really contemplating between two sizes, two colors or two styles, you might want to order both of the garments you’re stuck between. Buying two may be more expensive but at least if you’re stuck between getting two things, you can always see which one you like better and then return/donate the other one.

Look at the return policy

And speaking of sending items back, look at the return policy! If an online seller doesn’t accept returns, you will have to decide whether the risk is worth the possible reward. Sometimes items will fit perfect and you won’t need to send it back, but if you don’t want to risk it, be sure to only shop with companies that accept returns. A good return policy will offer free or very cheap return fees, that won’t give you any problems. If the store’s support team doesn’t seem very transparent or keeps giving you the roundabout then you should really consider if you want to buy from them.

Ship it to the store

For those of you that are truly baffled if something is going to be a winner or not, and you have a car to travel to the store, try shipping it there. I know you may be thinking it ruins the whole fun of shopping online, but in the long run it will actually be a lot safer since you can actually try the item on in the store and see if it’s flattering or not. Almost all online stores have it in such a way where you can ship it to a nearby store for free when you’re about to place an order, so you can physically pick it up yourself!

So those are all my tips for finding great clothes online! I hope I didn’t miss anything that’s important when shopping digitally, and hopefully covered everything that I personally do to find gems online.

xoxo – Arianna♥

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