October Favorites

October seemed to go by pretty fast in my opinion, but at the same time it had some pretty good gems that definitely made it rememberable.

I discovered a new hairstyle, earrings, some wicked cool boots and even a new editing app, that I instantly knew I had to share with you guys.

I even had like…five other things I wanted to include in this post as well, but of course I wanted to keep it to a minimum of my classic four faves, because I didn’t want to ramble and bore the crap out of you guys. So four is what I stuck with (and will probably remain to stick with) to keep it short and sweet you know?

But anyhow, check out my favorite things I was really into last month.

Half bun, half down hairstyle

Did you notice I trimmed the wig a bit?

So I may be late to the whole half bun, half down trend that’s been going on, and that’s only because I couldn’t do it in the first place since my real hair is so short. But since I got a half wig (which I already introduced) I’m finally able to do this cool-girl Fall hairstyle, that I’ve seen a lot of the “it” girls wear on Instagram or on trendy fashion blogs.

But I’m not just loving this style because it’s super trendy, I also love it because it’s super easy, and only takes like 5 minutes to do. Because all I did was grab a little bit of my front hair mixed in with some of my wigs hair, tied it up in a neat lil bun at the top of my head and I was good to go! It was so-so easy and is like the perfect hair due when you’re running late to class, work, a meetup, ect, but still want to look cute yet put together.

Shein earrings

The hoops and the ear cuff kind of blend in with the background. So sorry about that!๐Ÿ™ˆ

So some of you already know that I like earrings since I show them a lot on my blog. So it’s probably no surprise by now that I added these suckers to my favorites. So these pair are actually from Shein and were only like $3-$4 each which is mighty cheap. 

One is an ear cuff (which looks amazing when my hair is in a ponytail) and then the other pair are just some cute hoop earrings, with a line at the top of them. And paired together…it’s like a match made in Heaven that look so darn good! It just gives a lot more interest to my ears and make them pop and stand out in an expected way, which I absolutely love.

My new ankle boots

Too bad they hurt my feet. ):

Now these girlies are such a looker too! They are like a dark red-ish, purple-ish color with this sued material that instantly screams Fall. I wanted a pair of boots like these for a very-very- long time, so finally being able to have them apart of my shoe collection is a long time dream of mine, that has finally come true.

The only down fall about these cuties is that they’re three in a half inches and don’t have a lot of support. So being a girl that rarely wears heels or high shoes wasn’t the smartest choice for me to buy, since walking in them is such a freakin pain! I mean they’re cute, but ugh…they hurt my feet so bad. So I guess I’ll just take pictures of them on the floor or me standing in them, but I won’t actually walk to a store in these shoes because I would be in sever pain…and I surely don’t want that.

Adobe lightroom app

I used Adobe Lightroom on this photo and the rest of the photos in this post.

If any of you guys follow Audrie Storm then you know this is her go-to app for editing her photos on her Instagram. She’s always answering dm’s on her Insta Stories about what editing software/app she uses for her photos, and she always-always! Mentions Adobe Lightroom. So of course being a follower and a great admirer of her work, I had to download it myself. 

And gosh…am I impressed! The amount of detail and depth this app gives to your photos is truly out of this world! I know last month I was talking about fotoramio’s Vignette filter being really good, but this one shockingly is a lot better. It just gives a lot more color settings and effects to spruce up your photos, and really helps bring them from nothing to something, in a snap. And, the best part about it is that it’s free for any iPhone or Android phones! So it’s such a win-win!! You guys really need to try this app out on your blog pics or Insta photos, because it will not disappoint…I promise.

So that’s all I’m going to share with you guys for today. Thank you as always for stopping by and reading, and I hope you enjoyed all my faves for the month of October.



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  1. I have been loving wearing my hair half-up half-down recently because it is such a simple way to do something cool with your hair! And will definitely be checking out lightroom because I have heard many good things about it:)

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    1. Thank you! Adobe Lightroom is compatible for the desktop. However, it’s not free on the computer for some strange reason, and is like $20-$30 just to install (which sucks).

      But for the smartphones it’s totally free.โ˜บ

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