SassyMyProm Wishlist

Not too long ago a fashion website called SassyMyProm reached out to me, and asked me if I would like to make a wishlist on some of their products on my blog.

And when I first seen the email, I was a bit on the iffy side, since I never even heard of them before, and didn’t know if I was going to like their site or not. However, when I really scanned through their site, they actually had quite a few things I really liked, and had an array of different clothes and accessories that would be perfect for any fancy occasion.

They had everything from homecoming dresses, makeup brushes, cheap wedding veils, beautiful necklaces and earrings, and even more casual clothing, that I thought were really cute.

And even though I normally don’t gravitate to dresses or fancy schmancy things. I still found a lot of pieces that still fit within my style, that I could easily see myself wearing or using.

So after a few minutes of browsing and snooping on their website, I was pretty confidant in partnering with them, and promoting a couple of things on my blog.

So check out some of the top items that I found from SassyMyProm, that I would like to have:

Burgundy skater dress

So the first thing that I noticed when browsing through their website was this dress. It’s absolutely breath-taking and such a doll! I love its rich burgundy, velvet material with the sparkly waistband that it has, that makes it so lovely. I think it would be perfect with a pair of black strappy heels, a statement necklace and a burgundy clutch, to really enhance it to another level.

Pink fluffy dress

I also came across this dress when scrolling through their site, and almost went insane just looking at it! I mean how freakin gorgeous is it!?😍 It’s like the ultimate pink, pretty dress I could see many girls (including me) wanting to wear to their prom or to a party, because it’s so feminine and fluffy looking. I love it!

White lace dress

Then I also stumbled upon this adorable piece as well, and thought it was so different. I love how it goes very low-cut in the back, with a bit of floral appliques around the shoulder, side and back area, to give it more interest. Plus, I also love the lace detailing that it has all throughout the dress too, that I think is so-so cute!


Makeup brushes

I also made my way to look at the makeup brushes while I was at their site, since I seen that they carried quite a bit of different sets to apply your makeup with. So I instantly went to their oval-shaped brushes since I heard a lot of beauty gurus praise them for applying makeup better. This set was only like… $10.00 in their sale section and looked like they would be perfect for blending out foundation or blush, which made me instantly add them to my wishlist.

Baroque tassel earrings

And last but not least, I also dropped by their earring department and seen these beauties. I mean how unique and pretty are these earrings? They are so fashion-forward and flashy and would pair really well with a ruffled dress, or with an off the shoulder top to really highlight and compliment the collar-bone area. I just think they’re so stunning, and would truely love to own a pair.

So that wraps up my SassyMyProm wishlist, I hope you guys enjoyed reading some of my items that I really liked from their website. Let me know in the comments down below some of your favorites from my wishlist, and which item you were into the most.☺

Thanks for reading!


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