I’m Now On Depop! Shop My Clothes!!

Hey Girlies!

I came on to announce that I just made an account on Depob, to sell some of my clothes and accessories that I don’t wear anymore. I recently did a closet clean out in my wardrobe, and found quite a bit of things that I knew somebody could make good use of, and thought selling them would be a great idea!

I used to sell clothes on Vinted a lot, but I am no longer going to stay on Vinted, because I noticed selling clothes on there started to become harder and harder, and it seemed like I wasn’t getting rid of anything in my wardrobe (which of course defeated the whole purpose).🙈

Which is why I decided to move a few things off of Vinted, and find new things from my closet to put on Depop, to see if things would be a bit better for me in the selling department.

So do me a favor, and check out my items down below and see if you like anything, because a new year is right around the corner and I would really love to get rid of a lot of this stuff, that I know I don’t want to bring in 2018.

The Backpack is $12.00
Shoes are $12.00
Necklace is $2.00
Denim shorts are $10.00
Denim vest is $8.00

I know it’s not a lot of items I’m selling, since I obviously just made an account, but I still thought to share some of my items that I thought you guys might be interested in.

And if you are, don’t be afraid to shoot me a message about an item on Depop or in the comments down below, because I would be more than willing to reply back and hook you up with a good deal. (So don’t be shy!😀)

Bye guys!


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