6 Different Coats & Jackets That Will Make You Stand Out

Are you the type of person where you always grab that one black coat when it’s super cold out, even when you have like five other jackets or coats to choose from?

Well, that’s me. I always gravitate to that one black coat in my closet when the temperature drops down, because it just goes with everything in my wardrobe.

And even though black is great for mixing and matching and hiding the many sweaters and hoodies I put on to keep me warm. It’s so basic! Everybody wears it when you go to the mall, the grocery store or down the street, and they all pretty much look like a copycat coat clone, which is so boring, you know?

So that’s why I decided to make a post for all of you that can relate to only wearing that basic black coat, since I’m going to be sharing my personal picks of stand out outerwear. Because these are not like your regular degular black coats or jackets, but jackets and coats that actually have a lot more flare, style and most importantly warmth!

Denim jacket with fur

From Missguided

Ok, so starting with the lighter jacket first…let’s talk about how cute this denim jacket is? I don’t know what kind of genius thought to put fur on the collars, but it sure was a brilliant idea! It just gives the denim jacket so much more life, spunk and interest, and really makes it stand apart from your average denim jacket. And due to this denim jacket being a bit thinner than a full-on, wool coat, it’s great for if you live in a warmer climate during the Fall or Winter time, since it’s not super bulky or heavy.

Oversized moto jacket

From Asos

Now this second one is like a moto jacket, gone better, since it’s quite oversized, slouchy and in a gorgeous dusty pink color that you don’t see many moto jackets come in. It’s also great for layering compared to the average, fitted moto jacket, since it’s quite oversized. Meaning you could easily add a thicker sweater or a hoodie underneath it, without looking too stuffed, haha!😁

Leopard coat

From Asos

Just about any printed coat will make you stand out, but a leopard coat will make you stand out even more. That’s why this one that’s from Asos (which is a great store for coats if you couldn’t tell) is perfect for making you look different, because people’s eyes are going to go straight to that gorgeous print. Yes, it may be a bit much for some people’s taste, but anybody who is looking to add a bit of sass to their Fall or Winter outerwear, would love this, because it is such a looker.

Shearling coat

From Asos

So this coat is for the gal that wants a coat that stands out, but doesn’t want anything that’s too busy in its design. And that’s what I feel like the shearling coat does. It’s pretty simple, but different compared to the typical black, peacoat or toggle coat, since it still has a look that will place you outside of the box. I feel like this is a great coat to try out this season, if you’re looking for something a bit different but practical.

Metallic coat

From Forever 21

How many people do you really see wear a silver, metallic coat? Nobody! And if you do…it’s very few. That’s why I picked out this coat to put as another stand out coat, because that metallic shade is such a stand out color. That slight iridescent gleam to it, will flash a different color every time you pass by the light, and will no doubt catch someone’s eye when you’re walking by.

Fur coat

From Missguided

What’s more than a look at me coat than a fur coat? I mean, how fierce is this sucker? It’s so boujee and sassy and everything confidant. It’s one of those coats you put on and instantly feel like a queen. I would personally pair this jacket with a sweater, a cabbie hat, some faux leather leggings and some red ankle boots and I would look fly as heck!

Ok, so that concludes my top picks for stand out outerwear for the Fall and Winter time! Of course there are a lot more other jackets and coats that are far more eccentric than these, but I wanted to pick out pieces that were for the most part, practical but different from your normal button-up black jacket or coat. I hope this post gave you some new ideas for outerwear, and hopefully inspired you to step outside the box!

xoxo – Arianna♥

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    1. Yes, they’re really cool, but they are really expensive! I was literally looking at jackets on the Amazon app right when you were making this comment, and I was just thinking why the coats were so pricy! Haha!😄

      I guess we think alike.😊


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