Random Chit Chats: My Other Interest

Little due you know, this girl is more than just a fashion, blogging or picture addict. I have a few other hidden hobbies and interest that you guys probably don’t even know about.

I mean, some of you may already know these things since I mentioned a lot of these hobbies and interest in the 11 questions tag, but since that was a few months ago I’m pretty sure a good chunk of you may have forgotten the post, and can’t really remember everything I even said.

So I just thought to make a Random Chit Chat post just dedicated to the other things I like to do or learn about, just in case some of you are interested in the other stuff that I do other than just blogging, photography and fashion.

So enough rambling, and let’s just list my other, secret hobbies you guys may or may not know about.


A picture from “Yen Ching” website, showing one of my favorite meals to make and eat, which is sweet and sour chicken.

So let’s start off with the hobby that I literally do everyday…and that is cooking. Because cooking is one of my top hobbies that I am committed to doing and will probably always be committed to doing.

I remember the obsession started with cooking a little after Thanksgiving in 2013, because I wanted to help with ALL the dishes we were having for that particular day. And I don’t know why, but for some odd reason I still wanted to help make dinner every single day right after that, even if it wasn’t for a holiday or for an event.

Which is funny, because all before then I actually hated cooking, and couldn’t stand when I had to help my mom with a dish. Haha! But things have changed now, and I now love it. Matter a fact I love it so much that I have gotten to the point where I replaced my mom as the head chef of preparing meals since I do it everyday. 

However my older sister’s (Whitney and Alise) do step in and help from time-to-time, and will normally rotate different days out of the week for different meals.

We’ll cook up just about any type of dish in any type of genre you can think of, and will do anything from tacos, loose burgers, naans, pizza, sweet and sour chicken to anything else you can possibly imagine, that includes just about any kind of ingredients in the kitchen sink.

Watching Youtube

Youtube’s logo from “9To5 Mac”

Ok, so this one is probably the one I mention a lot on my blog next to cooking, because I really do enjoy learning, watching and getting inspired by other people on Youtube.

I just feel like Youtube is so broad with so many different categories, I’m never limited to just one particular thing. Youtube has a range of videos that are dedicated to just video games, fashion, make up tutorials, vlogs, news, trending videos and just so many other categories, that I can easily watch or browse through if I wanted to.

So that’s why I like to go there on my spare time, because I can watch all of my favorite people’s videos, without sticking to just one option.

I think it just helps entertain me when I’m bored, as well as help inspire me for different outfit ideas and content for my blog, since it’s such a big space for inspiration.

Conspiracy theories

A picture from “God in the nutshell”, that shows the $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills of 9/11.

Now…this one might be a big surprise for you guys, but it sure isn’t for me.

I have been into conspiracy theories, ever since my eldest sister came home from work one day, and told me about a secret cult called the illuminati.

She was telling me that she heard about this cult from her other co-worker that she use to work with, who was basically explaining to her that there was this evil group runned by powerful elites, that would draft in a lot of celebrities and public figures in Hollywood/other big industries, and then make them do really sick, twisted things just to become famous.

And back then, when I first heard her explaining what her co-worker told her, I was a bit shook and in a bit of disbelief. It wasn’t until I actually started researching it myself and finding out that it was a lot more real and sinister than what I thought.

I started to watch videos about it on Youtube, read blogs and articles about it, and just researching it like hard-core, until I begin to find out a ton of information about it.

I begin to discover things from 9/11 being on the money before and after it happened (like you can see up above), subliminal messages being played backwards in the music industry, and then learning about real declassified documents (that you can actually look up on the internet) like MKULTRA or Operation Northwoods, that actually spill the beans about brainwashing and false flag events from our own government.

It was so crazy for me back then and still is till this day! Which is why I don’t really trust everything the media/what the government says when it comes to news, since everything has become so twisted, fake and pre-planned just for propaganda. *sigh*πŸ˜•

All I can say is, is that it’s real, it’s evil and it’s super messed up. Check it out and research it on your computer or smartphone yourself, and you will see what I mean.

Learning ancient history

A picture of Sudan’s Meroe pyramids from “wildernesstravel”.

So going along with the research theme, let’s talk about history. Because learning past history (and especially black history) is so fascinating to me, since I love learning about who I am and where I’ve came from.

And that’s why the super old, ancient kind of history is the best for me to learn about, because I think that’s the type of history most people don’t really talk about in the schools or in the history books that often.

For example, ancient Africa is probably one of the most enticing places for me to read about, because I feel like it has so much about it. Everything from Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, to tribes that first started off civilization, really captures my interest on how great and diverse Africa was (and is) within each Country.

I feel like everyone always gets stomped on blacks always being slaves and suppressed, and never really look at the more positive history that we had throughout the years, that was actually very prosperous and rich. People never seem to bring up blacks owning land, being kings and queens and actually being successful in their own continent (that they built up on their own) in ancient times.

Which is why on my down time I love reading about it on my phone when I get the chance, and will learn about ancient dynasties, the lifestyle of the people back then, the outfits and the food that they use to wear and eat (and more) because I think it’s so awesome learning what it was like back then.

Because after all, Knowledge is one of the most powerful things. So really understanding the incredible things black people created and started on their own, really does prove how intelligent, independent and incredible ancient Africa was.😊

Reading The Bible

Image of the bible from “CrossWalk”.

So being a Christian, and of course having a thing for researching, it’s probably pretty oblivious I love studying the bible as well.

And that’s why reading about all the many stories and lessons are another interest of mine when I get the down time, because I think learning about one story can teach you about so many things in so many ways, that you often times don’t even realize at first.

Which is why my favorite books to re-read are literally the first book and the last book, which is Genesis and Revelations; because Genesis lays out the whole foundation and basics of the bible, and really explains how everything came about and some of the first people who really just started it all.

And then I like Revelations because it’s just so symbolic! I mean it talks about everything from the past, present to the future and has really thought-provoking things happening in it that make you think! And I love that.

Another favorite of mine, is the book of Enoch. And I know that’s technically not apart of the Bible in many bookstores you go into, but it still has a very rich story that explains more in detail of why the flood happened, who Enoch was and a bit more on how the earth, space and stars all operate, which is very interesting in my opinion.

The bible of course has many-many other great books and stories, but those are just the three I really love. Overall though, it’s just a great book to read when you really want to refresh your mind and soul, and really reconnect with God, you know?

So that concludes my other interest and hobbies. I hope you guys enjoyed learning about my other activities I like to do or learn about, and discovered a new side of me that you may have never even known about.πŸ˜„



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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, you have some interesting hobbies, each one brings about development to one’s character. Continue to strive for perfection as you learn and grow:)

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  2. I like these posts. We get to know you a little better πŸ˜€ I think a lot of us can end up watching lots of Youtube, there’s so much content available on there it’s crazy! Everyone can find something they enjoy watching πŸ™‚

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