2017 Top Favorites

First of all, happy new year! I can’t believe we’re in 2018!!🙉 Second of all, I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting like I should’ve. November and December were two busy months and I didn’t have the time to post like I wanted to. So I’m so sorry about that!

I won’t go too in detail of the things that kept me busy, but I’ll just say it dealt with a lot of driving and getting credentials up and ready. Haha!

But anyway, I wanted to come back on the blog with a favorites/looking back at 2017 post, since we now just made it to a new year. Harray! Also, I skipped out on like…two monthly favorites post while I was gone and thought to make this post, to basically sum up all of my faves in that time frame.

This post is basically a compilation of my top ten things that I loved in 2017, that’s a mix of fashion, skincare, accessories and a bit of food as well.

So without further ado, let’s get into my top faves last year!


My first favorite of 2017, was of course my camera and my new camera lens. It seemed like it took me sooo long to finally get them, but I’m so happy I stuck to my game-plan and bought them. The camera and the lens made such a huge quality difference to my pictures and made them look so much better than before. I love it!


Next up, is my sweater! This cute fox sweater was actually found at the thrift store. It was brand new with tags from Kohl’s, and was never worn, never washed and was just sitting in a rack full of other tops and sweaters. And to top it all off, it was just $5.00!! I don’t know why at first I was reluctant in getting it, but I’m glad I ended up caving in and purchasing it!


Now this one is like a two in one favorite, because I really liked my Adidas and fishnet socks pairing. I wore this combo quite a bit during the Summer/early Fall months because it gave all of my outfits an urban, sporty feel. Adidas Superstars are already so freakin cool by themselves, but paired with the fishnet socks brought them to a whole new level.


Another rememberable favorite was when my older sister treated the whole family to Dunkin Donuts. The store had just opened up right next door to us, and she was super excited to be one of the first to try out their donuts and coffee. We of course already tried it before hand, but we hadn’t tried out the new Dunkin Donuts that was right down the street from us. So of course when we got the half a dozen box, it was no disappoint and was definitely delish!


So you guys may or may not have noticed, but during 2017 I loved wearing berets (and still do). I only showed myself wearing them a few times on my blog or on my Instagram, but in real life I wore them far more! I am not kidding, every time I go out, I wear a beret, because I am literally head over heels for them. I especially love when they have some type of embellishments or rings on them, because I feel like it makes them far more interesting and unique!


2017 was also a great year of editing! I tried out a lot of editing tools and apps, including the famous Adobe Lightroom. It’s one of those types of apps I love using on my phone since it really does help spruce up any photo I have. I know I keep talking about it on my blog, but I truly do love it! I can always count on it when I want to add in additional effects or settings to my pictures before posting it up on my blog/social media, because it’s truly AMAZING!


This may not be a full body shot of the pants, but I really-really-really liked my high-waisted gingham pants from Forever 21 last year. These pants are so stretchy, comfortable, flexible and are just so flattering! I genuinely love these pants and wore them so much it’s not even funny!


Something I also wear a lot is bandanas! Bandanas are such a cool accessory to spice up your hair or outfit and really have a way of making you stand out. They use to be very popular a couple of months ago, but are just kind of dyeing out now. However, they’re still a go-to of mine even if they die forever because I love collecting and wearing them, since they’re so cool!


Last year I noticed I became a little more aware of skincare products. I don’t know why, but Caress brown sugar karite butter body wash one was a real standout for me. That body wash was probably one of my top favorites of any body wash I ever tried which is quite a statement. Don’t get me wrong I have had a few other great ones that have still made it to a monthly favorite, but this one I think takes the case of smelling good, lathering good and just making my overall skin look and feel good. It was wonderful!


And last but not least, I also loved this hairstyle for 2017! I loved styling my natural hair in just a high fuzzy puff. I of course still wear my hair this way if I’m not wearing a wig, because it’s easy, straight forward and super cute. It literally only takes me like five minutes to do, since I normally just pick out my hair, add in some coconut oil or Jamaican caster oil, and then knot it up with a hair band and I’m good to go!

Ok, so that wraps up my top ten favorites of all the things I used and tried of 2017! Thank you so much for reading this post, and just sticking with my blog for another year! I hope you can stick around and continue to support and follow me through each post I make!

Happy new year and I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day.

xoxo – Arianna♥

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    1. Thank you Deb! And yeah, bandanas are kind of going out of style, but I still love to tie them around like a head band from time-to-time.😊

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