How To Dress Stylish & Warm During The Winter

Winter wear
Street style pics of model Cindy Bruna, Shu Pei and Toni Garrn.

The worst part about Winter time, is the harsh, brutal cold. I’m pretty sure it pains just about anybody to go outside when it’s snowing or when it’s at record low temperatures, because you’re always worried you’re going to get sick or just turn into a ice sickle.

And when you’re not dressed right (which I’ve experienced before) makes it even more horrible, because wearing an oversized sweater in minus or single degree weather just doesn’t cut it

So that’s why today, I came up with five simple but effective styling tips for the Winter time, that will certainly help you achieve being warm and cute, without having to sacrifice anything!

So check out these tips down below!

​Invest in a stylish coat

I’ve already talked about stylish coats and jackets in a similar post, called “6 different coats and jackets that will make you stand out“. However, those coats were more flashy, and if you’re not looking for a complete stand out coat, and want something a little more simple, try a peacoat or a toggle coat with a belt. These types of coats are quite typical, but they are normally warm, stylish and can cinch in your waist to create a slimmer silhouette when you’re all bundled up. The coat should also have a hood, because if you want to protect your head away from any elements or cold air, hoods are always a handy piece of extra fabric!

Layer underneath your coat

Layering is so-so important when it’s cold out. Don’t just go outside with a tee shirt underneath your coat and expect to be warm (because that ain’t gonna do it). For example, for your top, start off layering with a turtleneck, then a sweater and then maybe a hoodie (if you can) and then your coat. And as for the bottoms, try wearing thermos, leggings or maybe tights under your pants to keep your legs warm. This way, that cold wind doesn’t just whip right through you!

Add on cute winter accessories

Accessories can really make you look so much more stylish in the Winter time, even when you’re layered as layered can be. Whether it’s a long plaid blanket scarf, cute fuzzy earmuffs, snowflake gloves or a stylish beanie with a puff ball at the top, they’re a must have during the Winter months. Not only does the extra accessories add more style and personality to your look, but it also keeps you extra warm!

Wear warm but stylish boots

What is Winter outerwear without a good pair of boots? Stylish girls always look forward to the colder months to sport their ankle boots, riding boots or their over the knee boots once it hits 50 degrees and below. You have to wear great shoes with your outerwear, in order to truly look fashionable. Don’t opt for basic fuzzy boots or gym shoes during the colder months! But instead wear good looking, stylish shoes that are warm but flattering with the rest of your attire. Try to go for quality chelsea boots, sock boots, riding boots or thigh high boots like I mentioned earlier, because they really are stylish and add a classy touch to your outfit!

And that concludes my tips on being warm but cute during the Winter time. Let me know some of your tips, tricks and bundle methods that you do for the colder months, because I would love to know how you guys stay warm!

xoxo – Arianna♥

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