2018 Bucket List

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Time is already moving so fast and I never really got the chance to sit down and really analyze all the things I wanted to do this year.

I mean yes, I did a rough draft of a few things, but I never actually made a full-grown list of my overall goals for 2018.

So that’s why today, I thought to type up a 2018 resolution/bucket list of all my current and future plans I hope to achieve this year, so I can actually execute a lot off my list.✨It may be February, but that doesn’t mean it’s ever too late to make one up right?

So here we go!

Collaborate more

So starting off with blog things, I definitely need to get more inspired to do a little more with my blog. I kinda feel like it’s at a standstill and not really going in the direction I planned for it to go in, which is a bit discouraging.

So that’s why this year, I really hope to kind of amp up my blog game and just collab more, network more and really just try my hardest to get more traffic to Aricouture. I did just do a collab with SassyMyProm which was cool! But it would still be nice to collab with a lot of other people instead of just them. Because after all, that’s really what social platforms are all about, right? Branching out, expressing yourself and meeting new people!

So for 2018 I definitely want to get my feet wet, and try to get to know other bloggers and brands better, and really try and hustle it.


Something that I always wanted to do but never really had the chance to do, was travel.

I was born and raised in Michigan and have only left this state like two times of my 20 years of existence, which is pretty embarrassing. 🙈So for my golden 21st birthday I plan to make a visit to Chicago and maybe Tennessee, since (A) I want to move to Chicago. And (B) some of my family members want to move to Tennessee sometime soon, which is why we planned for a trip.

I also want to get my passport and travel outside the country too! I feel like the UK, France, Eygpt, Ethiopia and maybe Italy would be really interesting places to travel, since those have been places I always wanted to visit when I was young. So hopefully this year, I’ll be able to check that off my list, and book a flight to some of those places or maybe even all of those places!…Who knows.

Build up more clientele

So as you guys know, I just started as a stylist on Wishi a few weeks ago, which is a styling service stylist can style people on, and provide looks for their clients over the internet.

And I have to admit, I have already started styling a lot of people on there which is pretty insane! However, in the future I do of course plan to build up even more clients on there and really gain as much experience and knowledge about personal styling, by styling different people.

It would just be such a dream if my work on Wishi just took off, and I was able to branch my own business and take it further. Like right now it’s fun! But I really want to make virtual styling a full-time job through my own website one day.

Try out different restaurants

So I noticed for quite some time, especially when I was younger, I never really explored different restaurants.

When I was about 14 on down the only restaurant I would mainly go to was Burger King or sometimes Wendy’s, which is mighty sad. Now, I have tried out a lot more. However, there’s still A LOT of other places I heard about that I want to try! For instance, I want to go to Chick-Fil-A, Chipotla, the Blue Nile, Olive Garden and I really want to try out some of Panera Breads sandwiches and soups that they have, as well as many-many other well-known or even local restaurants nearby. So this year, hopefully, that’ll change, and I’ll be able to try out a ton of new joints!☺

Get my license

Now you’re probably thinking why “get my license”  is even on my bucketlist, and that I should have been got my license since I’m obliviously an adult now, and can legally apply for it. But unfortunately…that’s not the case.

You see, for the longest, me and my family have been without a car for the last four years and we had to walk or take an Uber/Lyft to wherever we had to go, because we couldn’t financially just up jump and buy a car. So I never really had the opportunity to try and practice driving when I was younger since our family car had died a little before I turned 16, which was such a bummer. Plus, Michigan made it super hard for homeschoolers to get their state ID, which made things super suck because there was no way for me to get a permit and then a license, since you need your ID in order to get those two things.

But, just recently, we were finally able to get a new car and magically get my state ID which was an absolute miracle!🙌 And I’m now able to practice driving if I want, which is insane!!! So hopefully, sometime soon I’ll get to go under the wheel, and finally learn how to drive, because that would be so freakin’ fun!

So I guess that wraps up my resolutions for 2018! Hopefully, you guys enjoyed reading some of my hopes and aspirations for this year, and got inspired to make a bucket list or a simple to-do list for your day, week or month. Also, let me know in the comments down below some of your top plans for 2018, because I would love to know all of your goals and aspirations too.

Bye guys!


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  1. Don’t compare yourself to others, Arianna, for example, when you get your driver’s license or get to travel. I got my license later than you. You’ve to do what’s best for you and your family. You sound like you’ve got a good head on your shoulders and I know that you will succeed in whatever you want to do.

    As for me, I want to get another book or two published this year as well as get a new job and just enjoy life more. I don’t care for the term “bucket list” because I’m a lot older than you and closer to kicking it than you are, lol. I’ll just call them things that I want to get done.


    1. Thanks for reading Pamela! And I guess I never really looked at it like like that. Haha! I suppose different people look at their goals in different ways.☺


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