Trying Out Accessories From SassyMyProm


I don’t know if you guys remember or not, but sometime in November I partnered with a fashion company called SassyMyProm, and made a wishlist of all my favorite things from their site.

I listed a couple of dresses, a makeup brush set and I mentioned I wanted a pair of really pretty tassele, black and white earrings they had, that I thought were so cute.

But not a while after that…to my lil-surprise, SassyMyProm was kind enough to ship those exact earrings I mentioned in my wishlist to me!

They even went as far as shipping out two other accessories as a belated holiday gift, and included a dainty, silver reindeer necklace and a pair of ruby reindeer earrings to match with it; all inside a cute light blue box with a white ribbon on it. 

The two gifts they sent me, both happen to be really delicate and settle pieces, but compliment each other when they’re together. They’re something I would definitely wear if I had to go somewhere fancy (or just somewhat fancy) and would sport the jewelry with maybe a skirt and an off the shoulder top, kinda like what I’m wearing in the pics.

But overall, the designs of each piece are very pretty, and surprisingly good quality too! The only thing that I’m not too fund about, is that the tassel earrings sometimes stick to each other, and aren’t very flowy and loose like how I thought they would be, which can be a bit annoying. But other than that, I would still rate them a pretty high rating because when I put them on, I still like the way they look, which is what really matters you know?

So I think that wraps up this post! I hope you guys liked my little gifts from SassyMyProm and got inspired to try out a few things on their website! And if you did, you can always be sure to check out their official website up above or right here, to get my items or other items they have.

Alright, bye guys!


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  1. It’s official though… Your blog doesn’t open on my browser again. Did you change domain name or something? Sometimes it doesn’t even open on word press reader. Just saw this one now.
    I love the tassel earrings.

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    1. I tried to change it yes, but it’s not really official.

      Long story short I changed my blog name to AriClaire a few months ago because I wanted to do something different and change my site name, but I by mistake deleted Aricouture when I changed my main blog link somehow (which was so dumb!🙈)

      So then I tried to get it back because I realized I had to pay just to do a simple name change to my site (which I thought was not worth it) so I tried to change it back to Aricouture, but it was too late and I couldn’t get Aricouture back, because once you delete a site link you can’t get it back.

      So ever since then, my blog has been acting glitchy and every time you hit “home” on the main page, it says the site doesn’t exist. Or, if you try and type in Aricouture in your browser AriClaire keeps popping up because technically my main blog link is AriClaire and I can’t change it back to Aricouture because WordPress keeps saying the site already exist…since I’m using it.

      I know it sounds like a hot confusing mess, but that’s the delimma I’m in. I tried contacting WordPress support about it, but there was nothing they could do about it. Then I tried to just pay extra for the dumb name but that still didn’t work! So I don’t know what to do.😞

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      1. Awww. Sorry for that. I knew something had to be wrong cos it just stopped opening, and I kept trying. It still shows here though. Maybe you should just change it all. Try an entirely different name since both names are having issues…
        I don’t even know what to say. But I’ll definitely ask around for you. ♥️

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