My Top 7 Finds While Virtual Styling

Now that I’m an online personal stylist on Wishi, I’m constantly shopping for my clients. One minute I’m at Forever 21, then I’m at Nordstrom and then the next minute I’m on my way to Shopbop. It’s like I’m always on the hunt to find the best pieces for each person that books me.

And don’t get me wrong, I was always the type of person that liked to shop, but now I’m shopping 24/7, and have stepped outside my comfort zone of just the places I like to shop at, and am now shopping at an array of different places. And that’s all simply because different clients want different styles and have different budgets, which obviously leaves me to shop at different stores that I normally don’t go to.

Being an online stylist not only made me learn about different clothing websites I had no idea existed, but it also helped me discover new clothing and shoes I would have never came across! You would not believe how many times I have shopped for a client and accidentally found something that I truly fell in love with (even when I was suppose to find items for them). Matter a fact, the amount of stuff I realized I liked, became so great in number, I just thought to compile it all up into a wantie/wishlist type of post, and show you guys some of the stuff I seriously fell in love with while virtual shopping for my clients.

Missguided shearling aviator jacket


Now I’m already familiar with Missguided, but I would have never found this coat if it wasn’t for a client that had requested for some trendy bomber jackets and shearling coats when I was styling her.

I normally just check out Missguided jeans or tops, but never really their jackets, so when she said she wanted some bombers and shearlings, I thought to give them a shot and see what they had. And to my luck, I found this baby and instantly knew she would love it because when I saw it I was literally in awe! I remember thinking if she didn’t buy it I was, because this jacket is life. Everything about its length, color and design is just pure genius and I knew me and her both needed it.

Showpo boyfriend jeans


Now with these suckers, I actually found them by just getting looks together. I hadn’t booked a client at that particular moment, but I wanted to just stock up on a few items before anyone asked me to style them.

And just so happen while I was stocking up on some of the basics, I stumbled upon this store called “Showpo” (which I never even heard of before) and thought to check it out. And while I was scrolling through their clothes I came across these awesome jeans and I couldn’t believe my eyes. They are just so fierce and cool, and I knew I had to download the image of them for any future client that was looking for some sassy, high waisted boyfriend jeans.

Gucci Princetown loafer


Now technically for this one, I always knew and loved Gucci Princtown loafers, but they just seemed to really grow on me after I worked with a client for a few weeks, that was really into unique loafers.

And because of that, I stopped by Gucci’s website because I knew they were very-very popular for their loafers and mules, and I wanted to pick up a few and show her some. And after really looking at them again, it was like something just really sparked and I just really-really fell in love with them! I don’t know if it was the influence of the client I was working with or what, but I thought these bad boys were just too cute to be true.

Forever 21 MTV hoodie


I’m always at Forever 21, because that’s my store and you guys should probably know that by now, but while I was at their hoodie section shopping for some oversized hoodies, I ran across this MTV purple hoodie.

And at first when I saw it I was a little hesitant, because I don’t really like MTV, buuuuut then I kept looking at it, and I was like “this hoodie is so awesome!”. I love how it has such a laid-back, urban look that you could just kick back and chill in. I could envision it with a backwards cap, some high-waisted leggings and some cool sneakers for an effortless, sporty look. Which I know I, and any other tomboy-ish client would be so down in wearing.

Zara faux leather cabby hat


Just so happen two girls who had very bold, rocker chick styles had booked me around the same time, and wanted some dark-edgy looks. Which lead me to shop for a lot of cool cabby hats, ankle boots, motto jackets and anything black.

So I first started looking for cabby hats, and I went to Google and typed in “black cabby hat” and obliviously, a ton of hats popped up. So I kept scrolling through and through, and then I was recommenced this sick faux leather Zara hat and my eyes just popped! I remember at that very moment I quickly clicked the link because the hat was just too good to be true! In my head I knew I had to fetch it and show my clients it, because their styles were both very edgy and I knew they were both gonna die once they laid their eyes on it. And like I knew it, they both loved the hatand so did I.

Unif check skirt


Not awhile back ago, I got a young girl who was in a band, that wanted to get styled by me. Her style was very carefree and fun and she wanted something new to wear for when she was performing on stage.

So when we were about to end the styling session, I showed her this skirt paired with a mesh top, a bralette, a red leather jacket (she already owned) and some red ankle boots from JustFab, and she LOVED it. Matter a fact she bought the whole outfit once I showed it to her, which was insane. Hahaha! She was crazy for the entire look and I was too, but I was really obsessed with this skirt I included with it because I thought it was so-so unique and out there.

Topshop ankle boots


Now with these boots, I again was prepping looks, and while I was shopping I headed to Topshop to find some really cool, unique ankle boots.

And you know, I normally don’t shop at Topshop, but like I mentioned earlier, since a lot of my clients request for certain stores, I will try to shop at the places they shop at, to match their style more. But anyway, I was looking at their clearance shoes and seen these baddies! And I was like “oh my goodness!!!” The buckles on these shoes are so cool and really do stand out, and are like the perfect rad biker boots. So whatever client I get next that says they’re looking for some edgy ankle boots, I will most definitely show them these.

So that concludes my list of guilty pleasures I found while shopping for my clients. I know it sounds kind of wrong, because you know, personal stylist aren’t suppose to find items for themselves, but realistically a lot of these items were accidentally discovered and weren’t intended for me because I was shopping for other people who just so happen had similar taste. That’s it…🙈

But anyway, if you guys like my style picks and prepping items for my clients I just listed up above, don’t forget to check out the “Get styled by me virtually” page in my top main menu, to get styled by me, so you can get hooked up with some cool outfits too. ☺

Ok, bye!


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