2018 Spring Runway Trends

The time has now passed, where every designer debuted their Spring runway show to the public, and set all the trends in motion. They’ve showcased all the pretty details, garments and one-of-kind looks down the runway and have now moved onto the next two seasons.

However, we as the admires, viewers, consumers — or whatever you want to be called, are still absorbing in the 2018 Spring looks since we haven’t even left Winter yet. Were still trying to grasp what the next season trends will be from March to June, so we can snag some similar pieces from the luxury brands.

And for any of you looking for just that, I got you covered, because that’s exactly what I’m going to be writing about today. I’ll be showing some of the top trends I noticed designers kept showcasing during their 2018 Spring ready-to-wear shows, that I think we’ll be a must-have for the next approaching months. These trends are not only brewing right now, but will probably be a keeper for the Summer and maybe even for the Fall too.

So let’s get into this!



Karl Lagerfeild may like to keep things classy and true to the label, but when its time to predicting trends he’s always on it. Plastic, and preferably plastic shoes and hats seemed to have been one of his predictions for this year, so I’m pretty sure its bound to happen. The trend may be a little out-there, but for those willing to try it, get ready, because it will soon be a thing to wear.

Unique bucket bags

Emporio Armani

The bag that was oh-so popular a few years ago, is now getting a bit of a revamp. I’ve noticed that many shows included very unique bucket bags. It didn’t matter if they had buckles, embroidery or a netted design like this one, the bucket bag was really making a comeback with a new and improved look.



Ruffles always seem to make an appearance for each season, so I guess it’s no surprise that they decided to be a huge hit for designers this Spring time. I wouldn’t really call myself a ruffles fan, but Erdem’s dress in their 2018 fashion show was such a doll, it kinda made me want to try out a few ruffled-somethings, sometime soon.

Suit jackets


You guys may have noticed already, but every store and designer is obsessed with the suit jacket — and especially a check suit jacket. This year there’s no denying “the working women” vibes that’s been dominating fashion, since it’s practically everywhere you look. It doesn’t matter if the jacket is boxy with big shoulder pads, or lays flat and is flowy, the blazer is definitely having a moment.

Bold earrings


I’ve now noticed a huge shift in jewelry on the runway for the last few years. Everything has now become very bold, loud and all about making a statement. And as you can clearly see in Topshop’s runway show, their jewelry definitely made a statement.

Wide leg pants


The skinny style may no longer be the staple for jeans and bottoms this time around since a lot of designers seemed to be whipping out the wide leg trousers for Spring. It appears that the trend for bottoms is all about being loose and flowy instead of ultra tight, which could be a bit of sucker to all the skinny jean lovers.



The 1980s is slowy making a comeback, and is pushing the 1970s trend out of the way. Jeremy Scott went full-blown bubble gum pop in his 2018 ready-to-wear Moshino show, with fishnets, spikes, tutus and a 80s flare to each model that sashayed down the runway.

Fanny packs


Another purse trend that’s been very popular, seems to be the fanny pack trend. We seen it quite a bit in 2017 and it seems like it really made its way to 2018, but with a slight sophisticated twist. Last year’s fanny pack styles were kind of like backpacks, but this year seems like their turning into classy belt wallets.


Victoria Beckham

Whether its lilac, pink, lemon or duck egg blue, expect to see an array of fashion’s prettiest and most dusty shades this Spring. Everything from head to toe will be light and very pale. Which would be perfect for the warmer temps coming up. (:

Pointy toe shoes

Calvin Klien

Witch boots apparently was the top shoe inspo for designers, because a lot of them showcased pointy toe low-heeled, boots and heels. This trend has the power to really elongate and kind of thinnen out your feet, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then you may want to snag a similar pair of these Calvin Klien shoes next season.

And that’s all the runway trends that I think will be super popular for the Spring time. Make sure to leave a comment down below some of your favorite trends from this post, or just any other trends you’ve noticed on the runway that you really like!

Bye guys!


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