5 Clothing Stores I’m Starting To Shop At More

Maybe I’m just the only one like this, but I’m the type of girl where if I know a store is good, I’ll stick with that store no matter what. I always have my go-to clothing websites and outlets I go to when I go to the mall, and normally don’t bother with any other store that I think won’t suit me.

However, lately. That’s all changed. I’m now becoming more and more curious of different stores around me, and have this inside feeling of wanting to venture out more. And like I mentioned in a previous post, I came to the conclusion it’s now because I style online and have clients that request certain stores, that I now want to shop at different stores.

But even if that’s the case, I noticed I have now got to the point where I’m seeking out new stores on my own, without a clients help. I now wonder to different shops in-store and online, and find new gems that suddenly seem interesting to me. It’s like now that I’m a stylist, I find myself wanting to expand my knowledge of brands and fashion, and not just settling with the brands and fashion styles that I’m use to. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing at all. (:

So enough rambling, and let’s just talk about my top five stores that I’m starting to shop and browse through more often!

Beginning Boutique

So starting off with Beginning Boutique, I actually discovered this store kind of accidently. Because I was looking for the I.Am.Gia Teddy coat that was pretty much everywhere at one point and time, and suddenly stumbled upon this site.

And at first, I didn’t really like the site and thought it was a bit much for me. But the more I kept scrolling through their clothes, and really paying attention to what they had to offer, I actually really liked their style! They have the most radest, baddest and hottest clothes on there, to the point I could literally spend hundreds of dollars on their clothes. You can buy anything from a pleather mini skirt, to a cute cropped top, to fuzzy, furry teddy jackets, to anything else that’s super-DUPER cute. This store is literally goals, and I probably will buy a million things from their site now, and in the future.


So let’s talk about being misguided, shall we? Because I have been really getting off track with this store lately, and buying a lot from them! Luckily though, since they run 50% off sales like all week long, it doesn’t mess me up too bad. Haha! Like I’m not sure if you guys are signed up with Missguided or not, but they’re always running a half off sale on their website, which is crazy! I’m not sure why, but for some odd reason, they just do.

But beyond the sales, they have amazing styles that I’m beyond crazy for, and just need to have in life. Missguided clothes are just so cute and cool, and I most definitely plan to not stop shopping there any time soon.


Now funny enough, I actually saw and went inside this store when I went to Chicago. Me, my two sisters and my mom had stopped in Agaci when we were down near the Loop area downtown.

And I heard of this store before, but I never went in it. So when I got the chance to actually shop there I went gaga for it! I couldn’t believe how similar it was to Forever 21, and went directly to their website when I came back from Chicago, because I wanted to shop there more! I don’t know where this store has been all my life, but it is seriously so cute, and so reasonable in its pricing, which makes it even better!


Zaful is another store I have heard a great deal about, but again, never really checked it out, simply because I thought it was just like Romwe and Shein. And even though it pretty much is like Romwe and Shein, it still offers a couple of different styles and selections than they do.

And recently, I have been caving in, and browsing there quite a bit. I even went as far as actually buying a distressed sweater from Zaful that I thought was really unique and pretty! It was a risk, and a last minute decision, but nonetheless, I was pretty proud of what I did. And to go even further, I plan to buy from them again because I really like their clothes they carry!


Now for the longest, you could not get me to shop at Boohoo. I thought it was cheap, ugly and just not tasteful. However, something suddenly changed, and I decided to stop by their store and see what they had. And suprisely! They had quite a bit that caught my eye!!

I don’t know if it was the time of season that just had bad styles when I checked them out or what, but shockingly, this time I went to their site, I was quite impressed. I really liked their boyfriend jeans and denim shorts that they have, and I really like their prices too. So far I haven’t got the chance to actually buy from Boohoo, but hopefully one day I’ll be able to buy either their boyfriend jeans or denim shorts, because I really like the denim selections they offer.

So that’s all my stores that I have been snooping and buying from. I hope you guys found it to be an interesting read, and learned about a few new stores you didn’t know about. But even if you did know about them already, maybe it sparked some ideas to start shopping at new stores you normally don’t go to. 😀


xoxo – Arianna♥

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    1. Yeah you should definitely check into them! I provided a link to their website on each of their names, so if you want to check them out you can just click on them.😀

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  1. I’ve bought from Zaful twice now! The first thing I got was a sweater that came in too small, but I’ve since found some high-waisted pants to wear it with. That gave me reason to size up when I bought some corduroy jackets for my boyfriend & I (we love them)!


    1. Really! Well at least you were still able to wear the sweater and save it. Haha! Luckily my first purchase was an oversized sweater, so it actuactly fits kind of sloppy, but in a really cozy chic way. I even posted it on Instagram! It’s in my second to first picture on there. 😀

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