OOTD #20

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a OOTD for you guys, so this one is for all of you waiting for a outfit post!

Of course I don’t take pictures in the colder months, but since the weather is finally breaking in, I can now take pictures of what I’m wearing thank goodness! I honestly missed showing you guys what I decided to sport, so being able to do so now, is a pretty good feeling. (:

And today, I wanted to recreate what I wore on the first day of the Chicago trip. So that’s why I wore my faux leather cabbie hat, my striped shirt, my jeggings, my all-time favorite teddy coat and my slip-on faux fur black mules, that I’m absolutely crazy for!

Cabbie hat and top are from Forever 21
Teddy coat is from Beginning Boutique
Jeans are from Missguided
Bag is from Amazon

The only thing I decided to change was my purse. On my trip to Chicago I had another crossbody bag, but today I’m wearing my LV backpack that I got on my golden birthday from my mom. But other than that, the outfit is pretty much idetical to what I wore on vacay — which is pretty cool!

Shoes are from Sam Edelman

And that’s all there is for today girlies! Hopefully you liked this lil outfit, and got some major inspo from it.

xoxo – Arianna♥

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