How To Save Time When Getting Dressed In The Morning

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If you’re not super-human, then you’ve probably experienced your fair share of what I call, the morning scramble. Which is where no matter what you do, you can’t seem to pull it together. Where you can’t decide on the outfit you’re going to wear, the shoes you’re going to pair with it, or can’t seem to find that new necklace you just bought to go with your outfit.

And if you experienced any of that, then luckily I have your back. Because I have a few quick tricks that you can easily add to your daily routine, to ensure you’re never late because of a wardrobe indecision.

So let’s hop right into it!

Check the weather forecast to save time

To avoid getting soaked in the rain or going out in a sweater when it’s 90°, you should always check the weather forecast of what to wear or bring with you when you head out the door. Never ignore the weatherman, or the weather app on your phone, and always bring an umbrella if you know it’s going to rain. Also, make sure to plan out an outfit that will be comfortable and wearable for the temperature as well. It’s always better to play it safe rather than going back inside your house just to change.

Plan out your outfit the night before

And speaking of planning, make sure to lay out your outfit the night before. After you check the weather forecast, don’t forget to take out the clothes, shoes and accessories you’ll be wearing the next day and set it on top of your drawer. The worst thing to happen when you’re rushing in the morning, is to spend minutes upon minutes just going through all of your stuff, and pondering on what to wear. So do yourself a favor and set aside your clothes to cut down on time.

Use the shower as a steamer

Once you’re ready to get dressed, don’t forget to put your pre-layed out clothes on a hanger near the shower to de-wrinkle any frumps on your garments. This way, you don’t have to worry about ironing your clothes when you get out the bathroom, but instead can just have them ironed from the hot steam from your shower!

Put your purse by the front door

If you’re a purse lover, it’s always annoying when you’re trying to find your go-to purse when you’re on a time crunch. So to make the situation a little less stressful, I would suggest putting your purse by the front door if you know you’re about to head out. Because trying to scramble through your closet to find a specific bag, can waste so much time and energy. Another handy tip, is to keep little nick-nack emergencies in your purse for just in case reasons. So snack bars, hair ties, a pen, etc, should be in your purse all the time, just so if anything random happens, you got some back-up items you can count on.😉

And that’s all the quick tips today! I hope you guys now know some of the basic tricks you can do for whenever you’re in a rush to go to work, school, a meeting or wherever, to avoid feeling stressed. Let me know in the comments down below one of your worst fashion, morning scramble moments, and what you now do to avoid them.

xoxo – Arianna♥

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  1. Put your purse by the front door, I love. I do a good number of this, my bag is always by the bed side, my clothes are out of the closet and I hang on the closet handle, all these are always sorted a night before. I love these points, will adopt the ones I do not do before.

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