Top 5 Trendy Bags For The Summer

Bag trends can go in and can go out, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what’s cool for the season.

One minute big purses with buckles and prints are in, and the next minute, small simple bags are in, and you’re confessed on what side you should even entertain.

So that’s why I thought to compile some of the hottest, most popular bags I’ve seen on social media and in stores, for anybody that wants to get a new trendy bag for the season (without second guessing).

So let’s get into it!

LV backpack

Screenshot-2018-7-7 Tara Michelle on Instagram “Changes outfit 15352 times goes with the first option 😂”
@imtaramichelle wearing the LV backpack trend.

So the first bag trend that I want to talk about, is the LV backpack trend! I absolutely love this trend and am head over heels for it! I’m so happy my mom got this bag for my birthday because it’s so-so adorable and convenient. It has been out for about five to six years now, but it seems to really be blowing up for the Summertime and I’m not mad about it.

Basket bags

Screenshot-2018-7-7 JULIE SARIÑANA on Instagram “Happy mood in shop_sincerelyjules silk top Also guys- By popular request w[...](1).png
@sincerelyjules with the basket bag trend
Another bag trend that I have been seeing a lot (probably more than the LV backpack trend) is the basket bag trend! Like oh-my-goodness, is this bag everywhere! I have seen so many influencers and bloggers with the ark bag or other basket bags it’s crazy. They’re the perfect bag if you want to add a little bit of a boho vibe to your look, while still being chic.

Bags with circle hardware

Screenshot-2018-7-7 WhereDidUGetThat com on Instagram “Who else has Grover long selfie stick arms ☀️ Top hm Wide leg pants [...].png
@Kerenbritchick rocking a bag with circle hardware.
One other trend that I’ve been noticing a lot, is bags with circle hardware. I don’t know if Chloe bag’s started this trend or what, but lately, I’ve just been seeing a pattern of bags with this design more and more. I honestly think it’s really different and modern, and would even consider getting a bag or backpack with a circle ring on it.

Netted bags

Screenshot-2018-7-7 AUDRIE STORME on Instagram “Dragging hubs all over so he can take my photo 😬📸 - thanks alaskaair for [...].png
@audriestorme carrying the netted bag trend.
Now this one will probably not last till the Fall time. However, it is pretty cool! Whoever came up with a net as a purse was really thinking outside the box! I just feel like if I wore this bag my lipstick or anything small that I’m carrying with me could potentially fall out while I’m walking, which is why I’m skeptical of this trend, haha! But luckily, not all of them are literally like nets, because Audri Storm’s backpack (as you can see up above) is a lot more secure looking than most of the netted bags, which is a reliever!

Fanny packs

Screenshot-2018-7-7 TheLineUp on Instagram “Found the cutest pants Never taking them off omg”.png
@maya_nelson sporting the fanny pack trend.

I think I talked about fanny packs being a trend like three to four times already on my blog, but I honestly have to bring them up again because they keep getting trendier and trendier! Every time I think they’re dying out, they seem to come back with a vengeance, and end up upgrading into a slightly different style that’s just as popular as before. Everybody I follow on Instagram has pretty much sported a fanny pack and wears them very well!

xoxo – Arianna♥

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