Ugly Location Challenge

If you’re a big Youtube fan, then you might have heard about the ugly location challenge. Which is essentially a challenge that’s all about taking photos in a store/place that isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, and making it work with certain lenses, editing tricks and certain poses/props to make it look more dynamic.

It was super popular about two-three months ago, when big youtubers like Alisha Marie, Niki and Gabi, Jeanin Anamapola and Tiffany Ma all took part in it, with other brand name YouTubers following along with them.

And I don’t know why, but I thought the challenge was kind of fun and very entertaining to watch! I don’t know if it’s still a thing anymore, but I thought to give it a go and make it a thing again, especially among the blogging community.

Because us, fashion bloggers really don’t get into challenges anymore, and I thought it would be super different to make a post about it, and then tag other bloggers to make it a trend around WordPress.

But before I tag other bloggers, take a look at how I did the challenge myself, by scrolling through the (pretty ugly) locations I was in down below!

  Mail Dropoff
Beret is from Amazon.
Bodysuit is from Fashion Nova, pants are from Princess Polly and the shoes are from Amazon.
Bag is from Forever 21.

The Laundromat
Glasses are from Forever 21.
Top is from Free People.
Pants are from Princess Polly and shoes are from Amazon.

Auto Car Shop
Cabby hat and top are from Princess Polly.
Skirt is from Princess Polly.
Backpack is from Amazon and shoes are from Sam Elderman.

And that concludes my photo session of me serving up looks near the mail dropoff, the laundromat, and a auto car shop. Haha! It was a bit weird taking pictures in places I usually don’t go in since there was a lot of stares and awkward looks, but it was totally fun and worth it! To continue on this challenge and keep it going, here’s a list of bloggers I tag to take photoshoots in not-so-pretty places with rules down below!

Tags In No Particular Order!


  • Find at least three locations that are just ok or ugly, and name those locations to let your followers know
  • Take at least three photos of you in those locations, with different outfits
  • Try to use a prop, like fake flowers, a basket, a pillow, or something else interesting in each location (but that’s optional)
  • Tag at least 5 other bloggers and list these rules with it

xoxo – Arianna♥

23 thoughts

  1. Ari..your pictures are beautiful still..
    I’m thinking of locations I could use right now, thinking something more remote 🤔 .

    This is going to be a fun challenge for me. It may take a bit of time though.
    thanks for tagging me and Challenge Accepted 😎

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  2. Very cool challenge! I’m about to have almost an entire week off work, so I’ll try to find places to get pics for this then (: thanks for tagging me


  3. i LITERALLY cannot wait to do da challenge, thank you so much for tagging me!! obsessed with your laundromat look, those pants & the band t-shirt 🙌🏻 totally something i would wear!


        1. Haha cool! Just to throw it out there, you could do the grocery store, home depot or just do the laundromat like me! The options are limitless.😁


        2. Thank you!😊 And yes, the grocery store would be AMAZING! I was about to do it, but unfortunately, I got kicked out because they didn’t want me taking pictures in there. It was so embarrassing!🙈

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