4 Tips On Staying Productive & Motivated

Sometimes it can be tough to stay focus when you have a butt load of things to do in a day. Your mind can feel cluttered, your eyes start feeling strained, and you just feel overwhelmed and tired.

And being a person who works from home, I can definitely attest that there’s many things that put me off my grind. It may seem easy working from your room with a laptop, but trust me honey, the distraction is real!๐Ÿ™„

That’s why today I wanted to talk about staying productive and motivated, because I know in this day in age, it can be really hard to stay focus on work and task, when you have social media โ€” and everything else to distract you.

So here are four tips that I learned that you can do throughout the day, to stay more productive and motivated.

Realize your distractions

The first, and most important tip on staying more productive and motivated in your day, is to realize your distractions. What is putting you behind? What is stressing you out? Why don’t you feel productive? These are the questions you should be asking yourself. Once you find out what the problem is, you can begin eliminating those distractions, and push them aside. Because you can’t get things done if you’re getting distracted by every little thing. If you know it’s the t.v, turn the t.v off. If you know it’s your phone, put your phone in another room. Whatever the distraction is, realize it, and then avoid it as much as possible.

Set alarms and to-do’s

The next tip, is to set alarms or make to-do’s. Whether it’s on your watch or written down on a sticky note, make sure to remind yourself what you need to accomplish in your day, so you can stay on schedule. If you have to work on a report, publish a blog post or clean your room by a certain time, these reminders will help keep you on track. Just make sure you keep updating each task you want to finish up, so it can align with your day and not throw you off.

Document your progress

And speaking of updating, you should also document your progress in a journal! Because you can definitely see where you’re getting off track, and what you need to improve on if you document all of your accomplishments and setbacks every single day. Sometimes journaling can get pushed off on the back burner, but once you remember to do it, you can see what you all did from when you woke up to when you went to bed, and if you met your goals or not.

Put forth effort

And last but not least, you have to put forth effort! What good is all of these tips, if you don’t want to change for the better. Stop procrastinating, stop putting snooze on your alarm and stop putting things off, you need to hype yourself up with some positive words, and get your day going! You’re the only one that can change yourself, so if you want to make a certain goal for whatever it may be, you have to coach yourself into reaching that goal. Like I mentioned earlier, of course there are distractions, but as long as you make that effort of putting aside those distractions, you’ll accomplish so much more. Trust me!

And that’s all my tips on staying more productive and motivated in a day. Whether you need to do these things for school, your job, a project, exercising or whatever! I just hope these tips helped you become a better you, and will make a positive impact. Make sure to comment in the comment section down below, some of your biggest distractions/stumbling blocks in your day, and how you overcome them. I’m curious to know everybody’s solutions!

xoxo – Ariannaโ™ฅ

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