Question: What’s Your Favorite Podcast?

I don’t know if I’m the only one that feels like this, but I feel like I have NO good podcast to listen to!

I’ve tried to scroll through Spotify and iTunes to see the top podcast that’s trending, but I don’t seem to like any of them. A lot of them seem to be really trashy or really boring and slow, and are never my cup of tea.

So I created this post to ask you guys what your favorite podcast are, so I could get some ideas of what to listen to. You guys can literally drop all of your fave podcast in the comments and list why you like them and I’ll make sure to check each of them out.

I’m pretty open to any genre of podcast — except for ones about gaming or pay to listen podcast, but other than that, I’m totally open to any category. I just want something that’s entertaining and that isn’t too shallow. And if you can think of a podcast that matches that description I’d love to know about it!

So chat away and list your favorite podcast (or podcasts should I say) down below, I’d love to find some new ones!

xoxo – Arianna♥

2 thoughts

  1. I always recommend to people these two podcasts; Crime Junkies and Very Presidential. They are by the same host and I just love how she talks. The host and co-host approach stories in a “discussion” style rather than story telling. If that makes sense..? Anyways, enjoy!

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