How To Create Your Dream Wardrobe

I’m just getting to a point in my life where I’m starting to like everything that I own! It took me forever to finally accept my wardrobe and the pieces that I have because I always bought items that I ended up regretting. I would buy items that were super cheap or were a fad at the time and not because I could actually get longevity out of them.

However, many years later down the line, I realized how awful my shopping habits were and how I needed desperate help! Which is why I developed a simple formula to help achieve a wardrobe that I’m starting to love.

And if you want to achieve the same thing, keep on reading to find out how you can create your dream wardrobe as well!

Do a closet clean out

The first step to build a killer wardrobe is to clean out anything that you don’t wear anymore. It doesn’t make sense keeping clothes that you hate if you’re trying to achieve a closet full of clothes that you love. I would advise to schedule a day to do a wardrobe cleanse, and either sell, toss or donate the things that don’t complement you. If you’re keeping clothes that are worn out, stained, have bad memories or don’t fit you, you need to get rid of them!

Buy items you actually love

One of the many mistakes I made when I was younger was buying items that I thought were just ok, but pretending like I actually loved them just to buy new stuff (I know, terrible!). If you don’t love it, don’t buy it because it will just sit and collect dust. Whenever you shop, try to pick out pieces that you’re actually drawn to and not meh about. Ask yourself the question “Do I actually love this and will I actually wear it?” and if the answer is yes, purchase it, and if not, don’t purchase it.

Make sure everything is in your size

Another reason why I use to hate a lot of my clothes was because I kept a lot of pieces that didn’t fit me well. If need be, please make sure to find out your correct measurements and then shop for what you need. You want to have a wardrobe full of clothes that’s comfortable and flattering to your body shape. Never settle with clothes that’s too small or too big!

Avoid fads and build the basics

This one is a key tip! Fads go in and out but the basics will be your foundation. Once you have the fundamentals that you need, like basics tops, jeans, jackets and shoes, you’ll realize how easy it is to style your clothes! Fads and trends are great to try every now and then, but don’t rely on them to make up majority of your closet. Once those popular items are no longer popular, you’ll be stuck with a wardrobe that’s outdated! That’s why it’s so important to develop quality basics instead of building a wardrobe that’s “in“.

Learn how to mix and match

And speaking of getting the max out of your wardrobe, learn how to mix and match your pieces! Don’t get in the routine of always wearing matchy-matchy garments. Try to experiment and create combinations from your clothes that you’ve never tried before. This will bring some excitement when you’re getting dressed and help prevent your clothes from feeling old or boring since you’re constantly styling them different. You’ll be so surprised on how many looks one tee shirt can go with!

Hope you enjoyed this little post on how to create your dream wardrobe! I know these tips seem like a no brainer, but they truly are a game changer once you apply them to your life. Let me know if you have ever tried these tips in the comment section, I would love to know your thoughts!

xoxo – Arianna♥

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